On-line 3Rs Resources


The 3Ranker portal is your go-to place to search the literature for 3Rs -Replacement, Redution, Refinement – resources.

It is a collaboration between the Karolinska Institute, SYRCLE and TenWise and was financed by the Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments.

It includes a search algorithm (3Ranker) for 3R papers that is based on Artificial Intelligence, searching 35 million abstracts are indexed in MEDLINE.


The Norecopa website (https://norecopa.no) provides information on global resources relevant to the Three Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement). It includes several databases of relevance to education and training:

  • NORINA – information on thousands of products that can be used as alternatives or supplements to animal use in education and training
  • TextBase – literature within Laboratory Animal Science, including anatomy and dissection manuals
  • 3R Guide – a global collection of guidelines, information centres, journals and email lists.
  • A database of international Educational and Training Resources
  • Links to courses in Laboratory Animal Science and related subjects

The Norecopa website also has an international Webinars & Meetings Calendar, a Refinement Wiki, an overview of European 3R Centres and detailed information on how to plan animal studies (the PREPARE guidelines).

The approx. 10,000 pages (last checked in September 2020) on the site can be searched simultaneously, using the built-in intelligent search engine. Numerous filters can be applied to narrow the search results.

NC3Rs website

The NC3Rs provides an extensive library of free 3Rs resources. This includes guidelines, practical information, webinar recordings, videos and other training materials on many aspects of animal care, animal use and alternatives

ETRIS - Education and Training Resources in In-vivo Sciences

ETPLAS has agreed to provide a link and contribute to ETRIS – Education and Training Resources in In-vivo Sciences. The ETRIS website provides links to freely available, online, open access e-resources for use in the provision of education and training, or research, in in-vivo physiology, pharmacology and related disciplines. The site, which is searchable, provides links to individual resources, grouped within distinct categories/topics, each accompanied by a brief description.

RAT - Research Animal Training

RAT – Research Animal Training website provides full theoretical e-learning EU modules, as training resources for EU functions, alongside a series of tutorials on substance administration and aseptic technique.

Responsible Research in Practice

Responsible Research in Practice is a training and consulting company dedicated to improve practices and promote a good research culture. Training topics include:

  • Critical, creative and challenging thinking
  • Research integrity and ethics
  • Communicating controversial topics
  • Research reporting standards
  • Animal welfare and the 3Rs

You can find a series of free webinars on relevant animal research topics.

RSPCA - Focus on Severe Suffering

There is always a way to refine your animal experiments further to mitigate or prevent suffering. The RSPCA-Animals in Science team has been focusing on severe experiments, and their ultimate goal is to end severe suffering in biomedical research. On this page you can find more information on this issue, as well as resources to help you tackle severe suffering in procedures, improving animal welfare.

Official EU legislation and guidance documents